Signs you are due a Lucky You Cleanse

Juice cleanse programs can be a very fast and effective way to take some extra unwanted kilos off quickly and kick start yourself into healthier ...

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Tom Girl & Threads by Karissa Sparke

Juicy. And no, I'm not talking about that awful clothing label circa a time when paris hilton was still relevant and for some unknown reason wearing a matching...
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The wonderful benefits of our lucky you cleanse blends!

We would love to share with you some of the amazing health promoting benefits that can be seen by consuming more plant foods that are in our fabulous smoothies and juices blends.

Juices and smoothies offer nutrients that are easily assimilated and digested while offering a very easy way to enjoy more greens and other vegetables in your diet. Fruits and vegetables offer a broad range of vitamins, minerals and plant compounds that support good health while containing little calories. Plants offer hundreds and thousands of plant compounds that are being discovered and researched daily. The continued research that is developing on the broad range of health benefits is simply astounding and exciting.

With strong anti-cancer properties, to immune support and regulation to brighter softer skin to shiny hair and strong nails. Research continues to show the strong association with reduced chronic disease risk factors, improved cardiovascular health, improved joint and bone health all the way to improved brain cognition with reduced risks for dementia and other neurodegenerative disease. The list is endless. Research also supports high fruit and vegetable consumption for the reduction in chronic disease. SO far the research suggests the more vegetables the better J

In Australia the current recommendations are 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit per day. This is really a bare minimum recommendation for chronic disease prevention while other countries have increased their guidelines up to 10 serves of vegetables per day to sustain optimum health.

Fresh juices and smoothies are a delicious, easy and fun way to boost your nutrient intake on a regular basis.

Here is a list of some of our blends and their wonderful health promoting benefits that can be seen by including these amazing nutrient dense blends in your diet regularly.

Our Mango Smoothie (Green Gold) contains a delicious blend of leafy greens, banana, mango and alkaline water. This blend is an electrolyte powerhouse supporting wellness and energy. Mangoes, bananas, leafy greens combined with alkaline water makes this blend a great source of potassium, magnesium and calcium. Mangoes are a valuable source of Vitamin A and zeaxanthin which helps to support eye, skin & hair health giving you a radiant complexion.

The Green A (The Alkaliser) contains cucumber, celery, leafy greens, parsley and lemon. This green cleansing blend offers the body alkalising nutrients and cooling benefits while also offering quick hydration and is naturally very low in sugar. Cucumbers and other green vegetables are revered for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, this humble green is used in traditional medicine to help reduce pain and inflammation. Cucumber is also high in soluble fibre which forms a gel like substance which still remains within the juice thus supporting healthy digestion.

Enjoy our Green B (Sweet Greens) which contains green apple, cucumber, celery, leafy greens, parsley and lemon. This is a classic blend that anyone will enjoy with the benefits of the healthy green vegetables that offer cleansing and alkalising benefits with the simple sweetness from the green apples. Apples contain a wonderful soluble fibre called pectin that is present in the juice, this offers healing and nutritive properties to the digestive system while supporting gut microbial health and reducing the risk of inflammation and heart disease.

The Green C (The Beauty Tonic) ingredients are cucumber, leafy greens and lemon. This simple but highly beneficial juice blend gets its name from its wonderful cooling and detoxifying qualities. Cucumbers are naturally anti-aging while the leafy greens offer nutritive carotenoids that support healthy skin, hair and nails. Lemons are high in vitamin C which is important for collagen strength and they have been shown to support liver function and metabolic health.

Our Green D (Liver Love) contains carrot, cucumber, celery, leafy greens, parsley, lemon and ginger. This liver loving blend offers an array of wonderful health benefits in support of the liver. The liver has more than 200 functions and plays a role in nearly all body functions such as digestion, lipid metabolism, hormone regulation, weight control and many others. Phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins found in fruits and vegetables support these natural detoxification pathways in particular carotenoids found in carrots and dark green leafy, vitamin C in lemons, and particular plant compounds found in ginger and parsley that support natural elimination.

The Orange B (All Rounder Tonic) contains carrot, green apple and lemon. This is a classic juice blend that is enjoyed by many and is often a favourite, great choice for people who are new to juicing. Carrots have wonderful nutrient properties that support eye, skin, nail and hair health, they offer nutrition that supports the reduction in chronic disease, they are very high In the nutrient, beta-carotene, which is known for its anti-cancer benefits, immune support and anti-aging effects. Lemons are notable for their high vitamin C content which supports immunity and skin health. All body systems with thank you!

Our delicious Cashew Nut Mylk (Power Potion) contains activated raw cashews, dates and alkaline water. Cashews are a wonderful easily digestible protein and are particularly more so when soften by the activation process. Nutrients in this enjoyable treat offered are iron, zinc, magnesium along with heart protective healthy fats. This is sure to leave you satisfied and content.

The Spicy Lemonade (Fuel Burner) contains alkaline water, lemon, green apple, stevia, cayenne pepper and celtic sea salt. You have to love the amazing health properties of cayenne and lemon mixed together in alkalised water. Alkaline foods are said to reduce inflammation which can be associated with improved weight control. Cayenne is most notable for its metabolic stimulating benefits while lemon offers improved benefits to blood sugar control and metabolic health. This blend is a sure fire way to support the process of efficient fat burning.

Red (Eliminator) which contains beetroot, cucumber, celery, leafy greens, parsley, green apple and lemon. This blend will support your natural eliminative pathways through your liver, kidney and bowels. Beetroot and the other fruits and vegetables in this mix offer an amazing range of health benefits, one of them being liver, kidney and bowel detoxification support. Beetroots naturally contain betaine which supports phase 2 detoxification through the liver, also enhancing natural motions to support cleaner and healthier bowels. Beetroots also support healthy efficient bile production that supports fat breakdown and elimination. Beetroots have also been shown to improve exercise performance and brain function.

Green Zest which contains cucumber, celery, leafy greens, parsley, lemon, ginger and lime. A perfect combination of our signature Green A juice combined with lime and ginger. Ginger has a multitude of therapeutic qualities, however we like how it works to alleviate bloating, nausea and it will calm the digestive system while offering specific healing benefits to the liver. This wonder mix due to the high chlorophyll and anti-oxidant content combined with the benefits of ginger, lemon and lime will help to regulate blood sugar levels and liver function thus supporting fat burning and appetite control.

The Super Berry Smoothie which contains coconut milk, blueberries, banana, water, cacao power and leafy greens. Jam packed with greens, but purple in colour. A dash of coconut milk and a heaping spoon of cacao powder. The ultimate super smoothie will support vibrant energy and health. Blueberries and greens have been shown to support sharp cognition and brain health. Blueberries, cacao and leafy greens also have powerful anti-aging benefits for your skin, hair and eyes. Enjoy and drink yourself into youth!

Green Coconut Water (hydrating) cucumber, celery, leafy greens, parsley, lemon and 40% coconut water. The green Coconut is a sweet way to pump up electrolytes and get your greens all at once. Refreshing, subtly sweet, and filled with vitamin-rich greens! Coconut water and greens offer loads of potassium and other electrolytes to support vibrant energy levels. Electrolytes boost hydration and may help reduce fatigue, muscle soreness and headaches. This is a great way to support yourself for that busy day!

Cacao Cashew Nut Mylk (like a chocolate milk) – which contains cashews, dates, alkaline water and cacao powder. Raw cacao is a super food with high levels of antioxidants and compounds that can make you feel uplifted by increasing feel good hormones. Cashews are packed with zinc, copper and magnesium, which are great for healthy bones, immunity and strengthening hair, skin and nails. Not only is this tasty and delicious but it rewards the body with important essential nutrients for good health.

Red Spice (oh là là) containing beetroot, lemon, cayenne pepper, apple and alkaline water. This is an amazing beetroot juice taken to the next level with a dash of apple for sweetness as well as beneficial phytonutrients. Beetroots and lemons both assist in detoxifying the body by improving the liver’s detoxification pathways. Beet juice is a ‘go to’ ingredient to shake the bowels and assist in digestion. Cayenne pepper, also known as a circulatory stimulant and increases the pulse of our lymphatic and digestive rhythms along with giving our metabolism a boost. We streamline detoxification by ‘heating’ the body. Beetroots have been shown to improve muscle strength and exercise performance and assist in improved energy production. Beetroot juice has been shown to assist in normalising blood pressure while fighting inflammation.

Vegetable juices are certainly the elixir of good health. With all of these wonderful health promoting benefits you will feel more energised, healthier and happier with the intense plant nutrition that these blends offer! Enjoy!

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Can I exercise while on the LYC cleanse?

Can I exercise while on the LYC cleanse?

This is a common and important question to consider. While your preparing for your cleanse and part-taking in your LYC juices, smoothies and other fluids it’s important to know what you feel you can or can’t do.

It’s not a good idea to start exercising furiously or more than you normally have, up to this point, but it’s also important to be active through this process. Performing gentle exercises is highly recommended whether you normally engage in exercise or not. This is a perfect opportunity to start or maintain a simple exercise program while committing to a cleanse.

What you feel you can or want to do, may vary between each individual. People may have different experiences through the initial stages of their cleanse and may not feel up to it, so it’s really important to listen to your body. If you feel you need extra rest then I highly recommend you take the time to rest and regenerate and consider small amounts of gentle exercises to stimulate circulation and movement. Meditation or relaxing Epsom salt baths may be a better option with simple yoga stretches.

If you normally do not include exercise and you wish to, this can be a great time to start small and work your way up to a healthy moderate exercise plan that includes cardio and light weight bearing exercises.

If you normally perform moderate exercise and feel up to it, then I highly recommend that you continue on with this. If you train for longer periods then 45mins then it can be advisable to drink an extra serving of coconut water or a fresh juice.

If you have a regular intense workout schedule it may be time to shift it down alittle while you’re in the initial stages of the plan and move towards a more moderate plan that includes gentler exercises such as yoga, pilates, walking, swimming or cycling and moderate amounts of weight training. If you’re feeling up to exercising as you normally would after the initial first few days then moving back up to your normal intensity will then be recommended.

Exercise will certainly improve your cleanse experience and improve your results.

Exercise improves:

  • Hormone balance
  • Weight control
  • Appetite and satiety hormones
  • Blood glucose balance and insulin sensitivity
  • Sleep
  • Energy levels
  • Chronic disease risk factors
  • Mood elevation and happiness

Make sure when exercising you hydrate with water regularly and if exercising for more than 45mins that enjoy an extra juice or coconut water. Beetroots and silverbeet spinach are particularly helpful and have been shown to enhance exercise performance.

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Why Cleanse?

A cleanse is a period of time where you are actively increasing your nutrition and reducing your exposure to unhealthy foods, beverages and environmental factors where possible. It’s a specialised time to for healing, rejuvenating your health and working on cravings and perhaps shedding any unwanted weight.

Environmentally we are often exposed to chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, petrochemicals, hair dyes, cleaning products, medications, air pollutants, synthetic fragrances, plastics substances such as BPA and phthalates, combined with poor diets which may include processed oils, artificial sweeteners, additives, preservatives, excess refined carbohydrates, sugar, trans-fats and excess alcohol. Many of these are substances contribute to poor health, fatigue and chronic inflammation.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted the Fourth National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals. On average, the CDC’s report found 212 chemicals in people’s blood or urine. It is known that many of the detected chemicals can be harmful to human health and capable of contributing to chronic disease and other health concerns.

Natural detoxification is one of the body’s most normal and basic functions. Your liver and kidneys along with your bowel, lymphatic system and skin aid in the process of eliminating chemicals and waste via your sweat, urine and faeces. Detoxification includes neutralising and eliminating waste from the digestion of food, cellular respiration, immune complexes, dead microbes and cells along with the addition of eliminating environmental pollutants.

For these processes to be working optimally you need to reduce any health burdens such as processed foods, environmental factors where possible and alcohol combined with HIGH LEVEL NUTRITION. There are certain plant compounds, vitamins and minerals which are vital for these detoxification processes to work optimally. If you are lacking in these specialised nutrients you will not be able to efficiently support detoxification thus contributing to fatigue and poor health including weight struggles.

We know with some research that certain plant compounds help us to remove certain toxins, for example, coriander and garlic have specialised compounds that reduce the toxicity associated with heavy metal exposure. Sulphur bearing aminos acids found in brassica and onion family vegetables support phase 2 liver detoxification.

Cleanse periods are great jump starts into healthier eating patterns, it is also an educational period where more plant based meals, smoothies and juices are introduced. This periods supports your focus on nutritionally dense meals as well as learning what foods are not so nutritious and enjoying a period of complete avoidance of unhealthy foods.

While completing a liquid only cleanse, your digestive system will be working at a reduced level so the body can enjoy easy assimilated nutrients and focus its energy on cell renewal and other health changes. When you complete a cleanse one of the first positive symptoms experienced will be improved skin appearance and improved energy levels as the nutrients will be replenished in the body and lastly the skin. The skin is the last place that nutrients tend to be delivered so when we saturate our bodies with high levels of anti-oxidants and plant compounds it starts to show up in our skin and our eyes.

Dietary restriction and fasting have been around for thousands of years, particularly for religious and cultural reasons. Traditional cultures all around the world have used fasting and nutritional cleansing as an integral part of a preventative health care. It is also used for inflammatory disease states and poor health. Studies indicate that periods of fasting and calorie restriction have been shown to support healthier and longer lives combined with less disease and aging. Cultures that fast intermittently throughout their lives have healthier longer lives then people who never break from continuous eating.

A cleanse in the initial stages can be difficult but within a few days your cravings will reduce and you will be feeling lighter and more energised. These changes will also support healthier food choices after the cleanse period has finished thus giving you continued benefits.

Holiday seasons are great times to complete a cleanse whether it is before Christmas to help reduce your overall intake of unhealthy foods as your cravings will be reduced and your satiety signals will be more effective or after the new year to help lighten up after consuming too many festive foods and drinks.


Claire Georgiou is an Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist. Claire has completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) and an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and a Diploma of Nutrition. Claire has been working with Dr. Sandra Cabot, who is also known as the Liver Cleansing Doctor, for 7 years and also consults patients in Sydney. Claire has a special interest in liver dysfunction, digestive health, weight loss, thyroid & hormone imbalances.


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Should I take vitamins and herbs when on your cleanse?

The answer in short is NO, this is not necessary! But there are a few exceptions to this rule!

Through this cleanse period you will be receiving an abundance of antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, phytonutrients, protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and fibre from the juices, smoothies, cashew nut milk and other fluids

It is very important to continue taking any medications and/or supplements that have been prescribed by your doctor or health care practitioner that are necessary to maintain your health. It is also important to ensure that if you have a diagnosed vitamin or mineral deficiency such as iron, B12, iodine, vitamin D or any other deficiency that you must continue taking these throughout your cleanse.

If you are unsure then it may be important to talk to one of our Lucky You Cleanse Naturopaths’s or to check-in with your doctor or health care practitioner.

A cleanse period is an excellent time to have a break from all tablets and allow the body to have a break from processing any multi vitamins and other nutrient blends that have been self-prescribed. It is also recommended not to take any over the counter medications if possible.

Some supplements can be taken that offer extra support during the cleanse process which may be herbal or mineral constipation treatments, liver, digestive and detoxification herbal and nutrient support blends (under the care of a naturopath), and/or a probiotic supplement to support healthy GUT microbial balance, particularly if you are undergoing colonic irrigation.

A cleanse period is an excellent opportunity to only fuel the body with 100% nutrition without any additives, preservatives, artificial flavours, sugar, processed foods, alcohol and unnecessary medications and supplements.

When we enrich our health with 100% nutrition you may be surprised that some supplements and over the counter medications may no longer be needed. This is often the case when you have spent the time preparing for your cleanse by eliminating processed foods combined with the intense cleanse period coupled with a desire to continue on eating and drinking healthy meals, juices and smoothies.

Once you have completed your cleanse you are more likely to crave and desire healthier foods. As you know juices and smoothies are an excellent way to increase your nutrient intake over the day, it is now suggested that ideally we should be consuming up to 10-13 serves of vegetables per day to ensure better health, consuming only 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit per day is really the bare minimum to avoid serious chronic disease but evidently consuming more enhances your health to a optimum level rather than just disease control.

If you require more guidance and support please feel free to contact any of the LYC Naturopaths to assist in your cleanse and health journey!


Claire Georgiou is an Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist. Claire has completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) and an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and a Diploma of Nutrition. Claire has been working with Dr. Sandra Cabot, who is also known as the Liver Cleansing Doctor, for 7 years and also consults patients in Sydney. Claire has a special interest in liver dysfunction, digestive health, weight loss, thyroid & hormone imbalances.

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How long should I cleanse for?

This is a very common question and an important and excellent one! How long should you cleanse for depends on what you want from your juice cleanse. This is a very personal thing!

Common benefits seen are improved skin appearance, weight loss, clearer thoughts, improved moods, better digestion, improved sleep, optimal energy levels and reduced cravings. These health benefits are often seen very quickly during a juice cleanse in combination with the preparation period.

  1. Short cleanses of 1-3 days are excellent for budging a small amount of weight off to start the process of weight loss by following a healthy eating plan in combination with daily juices. This time frame is also beneficial to reduce bloating and cravings for all the wrong foods to help the success of a healthier new eating plan post cleanse.

Once we are nourishing our bodies with a high intake of phytonutrients, our body then remembers how to crave the right stuff. Avoiding all those addictive foods such as MSG, sugar, salt, refined carbohydrates, soft drinks, caffeine, alcohol and fried foods for those 5 days in preparation combined with the 1-3 days of juice fasting and you will be right back on track to a healthier new you.

  1. 3 days of juice cleansing may also support improved energy levels, clearer thoughts, improved digestion, better moods and deeper more restful sleep.
  1. Moderate cleanses of 4-6 days are suitable to move along more unwanted weight combined with the above results to a greater extent, plus additional health improvements with various health concerns such as arthritic discomfort, trickier skin ailments, improved energy, reflux and digestive health concerns to name a few.

It is important to note that these results may differ for some individuals completing this cleanse. If you have not experienced these results it is important to make sure you are consuming the right amount of fluids in combination with the set menu plan. Don’t skip anything!!

The more chronic a health concern the longer it may take to start seeing results, the juice cleanse and preparation period will start to move things along but you may need to extend this period combined with a more permanent health plan. Reversing disease and improving one’s health is like peeling an onion, one layer at a time. Just 1 improvement at a time will certainly see you moving in the right direction. The rule of thumb in chronic health conditions is the longer a health concern has been present and the more severe the condition the longer it will take to improve.

If you have more long-standing health concerns then a longer cleanse may be suggested. People can comfortably cleanse for up to 30 days or more under the guidance of a health care professional.

It is also important to remember that the preparation period is also a big part of your cleanse. By preparing yourself as suggested you are more likely to get the very best results quickly and successfully.

For long-term health benefits it is highly advisable to include regular juices in your diet on a permanent basis. In clinic and over the years I have seen vast health improvements with clients that aim to drink 1-2 juices per day in combination with a healthy well balanced diet.


How often can I cleanse?

Here is a general guideline to follow for the frequency of your juice cleanses. It is also important to keep in mind that people are different and these recommendations may not suit everyone.

  • 1 day juice cleanse – once a week
  • 3 days juice cleanse - once a month
  • 6 days juice cleanse – once every 2 months
  • 7-10 days juice cleanse - once every 3 months

Please note: If you are taking medications and/or have a health condition if is advisable to check with your health care professional or speak with one of our Naturopaths.


Claire Georgiou is an Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist. Claire has completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) and an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and a Diploma of Nutrition. Claire has been working with Dr. Sandra Cabot, who is also known as the Liver Cleansing Doctor, for 7 years and also consults patients in Sydney. Claire has a special interest in liver dysfunction, digestive health, weight loss, thyroid & hormone imbalances.


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Preparing for your cleanse during the holiday season!

This time of the year is very busy for many people! You have parties, events, dinners, lunches, family and friend get togethers to attend, and all of these gatherings are surrounded by lots of food and normally these foods are highly processed, high in sugar and considerably unhealthy.

On average a person puts on 2-4 kilos over the Christmas and holiday period so committing to a pre-holiday cleanse can be an excellent way to avoid this possible holiday weight gain. If you are planning on doing a cleanse in preparation for a healthy Christmas and New Year, here are our best tips to fast track yourself into success.

Ideally we suggest 7 full days to prepare for your cleanse but when you are short on time you can fast track this down to 3-5days in preparation.

Day 1:

  • Start cutting down on your caffeine intake by at least 50%, replace this 50% with non-caffeinated herbal teas, filtered water and coconut water.
  • Completely avoid all alcohol, soft drinks and nicotine if possible.
  • Avoid all processed foods that include sugar, white flours, baked goods, desserts, fried food, fast foods, processed meats and other packaged foods.
  • Include fresh fruits and vegetables with every meal and snacks via salads, steamed or sautéed vegetables, soups, smoothies and juices.
  • Include organic foods as much as possible during this preparation period, I particularly recommend including the dirty dozen as organic if possible. If too expensive/hard try purchasing from farmers markets or fruit markets rather than supermarkets.
  • On rising consume a warm/hot water with ½ fresh lemon daily. You can also add some freshly grated ginger.

Day 2:

  • Avoid all red meats including pork, beef, lamb and other wild game.
  • Work on further reducing your caffeine intake.
  • Continue to enjoy lots of fresh produce using healthy oils such as extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado and macadamia oils. Use vinegars, spices and herbs to flavour your food.
  • Remember to keep well hydrated .

Day 3:

  • Avoid all chicken, eggs and fish.
  • Avoid all caffeine containing beverages (you can include green and yerba mate tea if you really feel you can’t stop caffeine 100%, 1-2 cups maximum per day). Teas such as dandelion, rooibos, peppermint, fennel and licorice will support your cleanse process.
  • Consume vegetarian based protein such as legumes (beans, split peas and lentils), wholegrains (quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth and wild rice), nuts and seeds.

Day 4:

  • Avoid all dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, milk, creams and butter.
  • Include healthy milk alternatives such as unsweetened nut milks, rice milk and coconut milk.
  • Work on getting as much rest as possible.

Day 5

  • Write down what your intentions and goals are for this cleanse and after. Remember this is a great way to reset your system to engage yourself into a healthier you.
  • Spend all day consuming ONLY fruits, vegetables, salads, smoothies, juices and soups.
  • Stop all non-prescription supplements and over the counter medications if possible.

3 Day Preparation: To fast track your cleanse preparation into 3 days:

  • Day 1 (follow Day 1 tips )
  • Day 2 (combine Day 2 & 3 tips)
  • Day 3 (combine Day 4 & 5)


For social occasions: If you are attending parties and events during your preparation or cleanse period it is highly recommended to drink a juice or smoothie or eat a healthy plate of food before you leave and take something with you to sip on or nibble on during the party to avoid the party food if possible. This can be a great time to share with others about what you are wanting from this experience.


Claire Georgiou is an Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist. Claire has completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) and an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and a Diploma of Nutrition. Claire has been working with Dr. Sandra Cabot, who is also known as the Liver Cleansing Doctor, for 7 years and also consults patients in Sydney. Claire has a special interest in liver dysfunction, digestive health, weight loss, thyroid & hormone imbalances.




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